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Episode 1: Chris Aversano: Product Management in Maritime Software

In this episode of Maritime SoftwareHub, I sit down with Christopher Aversano, Product Manager at Q88 Veson Nautical company, and host of the highly successful Last Dinosaur podcast.

Chris brings a huge amount of energy and is highly passionate about innovations across the digital shipping space, so this episode is not to be missed!

We discuss:
– Chris’ background and his shift from a career in shipbroking, sailing, and chartering, to senior product management and sales within the maritime software space
– Some of the skills and traits needed to have a career in product management and take a look at the challenges associated with the profession
– The role of a Product Manager within a SaaS company and their key responsibilities

Chris also reveals some fascinating secrets about himself and shares his view on whether a background in maritime is essential when working within a maritime software company..

Podcast recording:

Video recording:

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