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Episode 31: Seafaring 2.0 | Digital Marketing Tips & Crew Tech Trends with Carl King, Founder of Seafarer Social


In this episode of Maritime SoftwareHub – The People Podcast, Callum Beaumont dive deep into the world of digital marketing with Carl King, Founder of Seafarer Social.

Join them as they explore a range of digital marketing tips, insights, and real-life examples tailored specifically for seafarers.

Gain valuable knowledge about the social media platforms most utilized by seafarers and uncover strategies to better understand the modern-day mariner’s digital journey in the shipping industry.


Key Highlights:
– Understanding the social media landscape for seafarers.
– Practical tips and examples of effective digital marketing strategies for the maritime industry.
– Importance of psychological marketing and creative campaigns
– Exploring a day in the life of a mariner in the digital age.

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