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Episode 30: Maritime Tech Recruitment & Entrepreneurship Insights with Callum Beaumont


In this episode of Maritime SoftwareHub – The People Podcast, listeners are treated to an insightful and candid conversation with Callum Beaumont, as he delves into the intricacies of his latest business ventures and his journey as both a recruitment agency owner and podcaster.

Throughout the episode, Callum covers a wide range of topics including:

  • The Genesis of Cordell Beaumont: Delving into the origins of his recruitment agency, Cordell Beaumont, Callum shares the story behind its inception and sheds light on the driving forces that led him to establish it.
  • Navigating Shipbroking and Recruitment: Drawing from his rich background in shipbroking and recruitment, Callum offers valuable insights into how his past experiences have shaped his current endeavors.
  • Challenges of Human Capital Management: From the complexities of hiring and retaining top talent to the sensitive task of letting staff go
  • Insights into Maritime Tech Hiring Trends: Providing a glimpse into the evolving landscape of maritime technology
  • Diversification Beyond Recruitment: Beyond his recruitment ventures, Callum provides an update on his forays into property investment and e-commerce projects, offering listeners a holistic view of his entrepreneurial pursuits
  • The Power of Focus: Emphasizing the importance of focus in business, Callum underscores the need for clarity and determination in pursuing one’s goals, drawing from his own experiences as a scaling business owner


Callum’s open and honest insights are a must listen for anyone interested in the maritime tech space, business ownership and talent acquisition.


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