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Episode 28: Bridging Boundaries: Effective Management of Multi-Cultural Crews | With Kate Ballanou

In this episode of Maritime SoftwareHub, join Callum Beaumont and special guest Kate Bollanou as they navigate the crucial topic of managing multi-cultural crews in the maritime industry.

  • Delve into Kate’s extensive background in shipbroking and her current projects, setting the stage for an insightful discussion.
  • Explore the invaluable insights from Kate’s new online courses, designed to enhance intercultural communication within maritime teams.
  • Discover the pivotal role of technology in advancing intercultural communication and fostering cohesion among diverse crew and shore-based teams.
  • Uncover common barriers hindering effective communication and shared values across multicultural teams, and explore best practices for overcoming these challenges.
  • Gain actionable advice for maritime leaders seeking to promote inclusivity and bridge communication gaps within their crews.


This episode is a must-listen for maritime professionals seeking to enhance their understanding of managing multi-cultural crews and fostering inclusive workplaces.

Gain practical strategies and expert insights to overcome communication barriers and promote cohesion within diverse maritime teams.

Don’t miss out on this enlightening discussion! Tune in now to gain valuable insights and actionable advice from industry expert Kate Bollanou. Reach out to Kate on LinkedIn to continue the conversation and explore further opportunities for collaboration.


This episode of Maritime SoftwareHub is proudly brought to you by Cordell Beaumont, the specialist Digital Shipping recruitment agency


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