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Episode 17: Mike Powell, Chief Business Officer StratumFive – Head of Vessel Operations role

In this episode of Maritime SoftwareHub, Callum speaks with Mike Powell, former Merchant Mariner, Marine lawyer, and the current Chief Business Officer at StratumFive.

Featured role: Head of Vessel Operations

They discuss:

  • Mike’s background sailing onboard chemical tankers
  • His perspective on technology in today’s shipping markets
  • His experience leading Vessel Operations at BP and Glencore
  • The day-to-day role of a Head of Vessel Operations
  • How technology helps vessel operations
  • Critical challenges associated with vessel operations positions

If you want to speak with Mike about any topics discussed in this episode, don’t hesitate to contact

Cordell Beaumont, the digital and commercial shipping recruitment specialist, powers maritime SoftwareHub.


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