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Episode 13 : Kristin Omholt-Jensen, Founder and CEO of Maritime Optima – Investment in Digital Shipping

In this episode of Maritime SoftwareHub, Callum speaks with the highly successful, Kristin Omholt-Jensen who is a the Founder and CEO of Maritime Optima.

Kristin is an experienced investor and has helped many start-ups and scaleups across maritime and other industries. She has a true maritime heritage and is passionate about providing value across her network and client base.

Episode Focus: Investment

In this episode they discuss:

  • Kristin’s background, family heritage in maritime and key projects she is working on
  • Maritime Optima’s solution overview and their “Freemium” sales model
  • Why Kristin enjoys investing in businesses
  • What fundamentals she looks for when investing
  • Kristin’s view of investment in the maritime technology in recent years
  • Tips for any business owner try to make their company more valuable

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