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In the December issue of our newsletter, we feature some of the latest mergers and acquisitions, job vacancies, senior talent moves and Maritime SoftwareHub podcast releases.

🎧 Maritime SoftwareHub Podcast

Episode 22: Maritime Tech Market Consolidation, Hiring Trends + 2024 Exclusive Updates

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Episode 21: Talent Acquisition & Diversity Trends in Maritime Technology with Lena Gothberg

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Episode 20: Crew Management Technology with Narayan Venkatesh, Co-Founder & MD at Tilla

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Episode 19: Event Marketing – Maximize ROI with Will Bixby, Director of Binnacle Ltd.

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Featured Vacancies

📌Business Development Manager (Maritime SaaS/SatComms)

Location: Cyprus

10,000+ vessels using this platform

60% of role new logo hunting

40% expanding EMEA clients

📌 Sales Account Manager (Trade Finance DaaS)

Location: Berlin

Publicly listed company

3+ SaaS products to sell

70% of role BD / 30% AM role

📌Group Commercial Director (Maritime SaaS)

Location: Hamburg

3+ product PnL’s to run and grow

Award-winning global company

📌Account Manager (Maritime SaaS)

Location: Rotterdam

100+ shipowner accounts to develop

Maritime safety and navigation

Digital Shipping Mergers, Acquisitions, Strategic Partnerships

Latest Insights

Developing Software Sales Teams into Superstars

Transitioning from the Sea: Career Paths for Mariners and Seafarers Ashore


Key Hiring Appointments

Cordell Beaumont Academy


Cordell Beaumont launched the brand new Cordell Beaumont Academy in Q3 this year. A dedicated platform to host our online and on-demand courses!

Upskill your employees, fast-track onboarding or accelerate your digital and commercial shipping skills. Please get in touch for more details!

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