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Am I mad???? Why give up a safe, prestigious, well-paying job to launch my recruitment agency, Cordell Beaumont?

For a number of years now I have wanted to be brave enough to share content via video and podcasts.

I have been held back by the fear of imposter syndrome and never really felt I had the credibility to put myself out there and share my insights and views across a range of topics I find important.

So here it goes!!!!

In this video, I run through why I founded Cordell Beaumont in 2019, and discuss some early pivotal moments in my life/career that helped shape my decision to set up my own agency.

My colleagues and I will use our new YouTube channel to release video recordings of our new podcast – Maritime SoftwareHub.

In time I am confident the video quality and content will improve, so thank you for taking the time to tune in and please subscribe to our channel.

⬇️ Link to video recording below ⬇️

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