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Career Spotlights: Daniel Duggin, Recruitment Consultant, Cordell Beaumont

How did you get in to shipping?

My father was a Capesize broker so I grew up surrounded by those in the shipping sector. I was fortunate enough to go onboard a Panamax vessel when I was 7 years old and knew from a young age I wanted to get into the industry, so I have a strong passion for it.


What sectors and role types do you focus on within Cordell Beaumont?

I will be leveraging my extensive network I built up during my time as a shipbroker and vessel operator to work with clients across shipbroking, ship management and commodity trading. Helping them source hard to reach shipbrokers, operators, analysts, traders and marine professionals. 


In which areas of the market are you seeing high levels of hiring activity?

Maritime technology is an exciting sector definitely with a growing demand. The gas sector has also seen a lot of activity recently with LNG and LPG in particular gaining a lot of interest.


What do you enjoy most about recruiting in your sectors?

I love the people. I have strong ties to the shipping community and made many friends working in it. You get to constantly meet new interesting people and form lasting relationships. Its great to talk to them about the markets and they respect my experience and knowledge of the business.


What’s the one key tip you’d share with people looking to change career in 2020?

We are certainly in unusual times. Companies are re-thinking their way of working and it is an exciting time to be making a career change. It can take something drastic to make people rethink their current situation and this is definitely one of those times, therefore my top tip would be to reach out to industry experts who can share off market job opportunities.

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