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Cordell Beaumont’s “Career Spotlight” series explores career paths within the shipping and energy industries, sharing insight from the professionals within our network.
This week we spoke with Alex Wood of A.M. Nomikos & Son (UK) Ltd .

Cordell Beaumont (CB): How did you get in to shipping?

Alex Wood (AW)

Like many people in shipping I was recommended the role of shipbroker by my father who was himself in the industry. After sending my CV to a few companies I was then lucky enough to be offered a position and took a role as a trainee competitive shipbroker at Frank Symons Ltd.   

CB: What has been the highlight of your working career to date?


Attending my first official Baltic Exchange event, the ‘Baltic Exchange Golf Dinner’ in 2006, this was both my first major shipping event but also my first ‘black tie’ event. I was wary about going at first, knowing little about shipping but even less about Golf, but dressed in a badly fitted borrowed tuxedo I had a brilliant night meeting new people and putting faces to names I had been hearing about in the office day to day.

CB: How has Covid-19 impacted your day to day business activity?


From a personal day-day perspective the biggest impact has been working from home (which has now been the case since March) this is not a huge problem as I am used to working remotely/from home (as is customary of most people in shipping).  

CB: Which skill have you had to work hardest to develop that didn’t come naturally to you? 


Relationship building, it was quickly made clear to me that relationships in shipping are key, but calling people and developing these relationships from the ground can be awkward at first.

CB: What’s the one key tip you’d share with people looking to build a career in Ship Management?


Very cliché but ‘never be afraid to ask’, colleagues / people in the industry are the best source of practical knowledge.

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