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Welcome to our April Newsletter

In this month’s edition of our newsletter, we’re excited to spotlight the newest vacancies our dedicated team of recruiters is currently handling. Additionally, we’re thrilled to share recently recorded podcast episodes discussing valuable digital marketing insights and updates on maritime technology hiring trends.

Hiring Market Overview

As we transition into Q2, it’s becoming evident that several maritime technology companies, ranging from startups to established players, are exhibiting signs of a slowdown, pausing, or even canceling hiring initiatives.

While there are still some areas of hiring activity, the landscape appears relatively sparse from the perspective of potential candidates. Just six months ago, candidates often found themselves managing multiple active interview processes simultaneously. However, the current scenario reveals a contraction, with most individuals now focused on just 1 or 2 opportunities. This decline in available positions could largely be attributed to the tightening of funding across our markets.

The ongoing industry consolidation notably impacts talent mobility within the digital shipping space. Key players like Veson, Kpler, and ZeroNorth continue to solidify their positions, influencing the overall dynamics of talent movement. As we progress through the quarter, it remains to be seen how these trends will unfold.

In the meantime, Cordell Beaumont is committed to supporting our customers and sharing exciting career opportunities across our networks.

-Callum Beaumont

📢 Cordell Beaumont Announcement

📢 Save the Date: London Charterers’ & Shipbrokers’ Forum 2024

Mark your calendars for May 15, 2024, as the annual London Charterers’ & Shipbrokers’ Forum returns with a bang! 🚢 This year promises to be exceptional, featuring insights, networking opportunities, and cutting-edge discussions on the future of maritime industry trends.

🎤 We’re thrilled to announce Callum Beaumont, Founder of Cordell Beaumont, as a distinguished sponsor and keynote speaker!

Join us as Callum shares invaluable insights on two critical topics:

🌊 Maritime Technology Hiring & Mobility Trends: Explore the latest advancements reshaping the maritime landscape and discover how technology is revolutionizing recruitment and talent mobility within the industry.

💼 Tips to Attract, Onboard & Retain Top SaaS Sales Professionals: Learn strategic approaches to engage, onboard, and retain top-tier SaaS sales talent, ensuring your organization stays ahead in today’s competitive market.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain expert knowledge and connect with industry leaders.

Register here.

🎧 Maritime SoftwareHub Podcast

Episode 31

Seafaring 2.0 | Digital Marketing Tips with Carl King, Founder of Seafarer Social

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Episode 30

Maritime Tech Recruitment & Entrepreneurship Insights with Callum Beaumont

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