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Welcome to Cordell Beaumonts – the specialist commercial and digital shipping recruitment run by former Shipbrokers and Talent Acquisition leaders.

Are you considering a career change in the commercial shipping sector? Discover unparalleled opportunities with Cordell Beaumont, the leading shipping recruitment agency specializing in commercial and digital shipping jobs.

Our expert team is dedicated to connecting you with cutting-edge roles that align with your skills and ambitions.

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Vessel Operations

We have an extensive network of vessel and commercial operators and analysts, within the Dry Bulk, Tanker, Chemical, Gas and Container sectors, both with office and seafaring experience.
Successfully placing mid-senior vessel operators and post-fixture professionals in Europe, Asia and the US.


With hands-on chartering broking experience, Cordell Beaumont has a unique relationship with a range of junior-senior charterers from backgrounds within ship management, freight trading and shipbroking.
This industry experience gives our clients unrivaled access to a wealth of passive, hard to find charterers.

Technical Shipping

Our breadth of expertise spans vessel performance optimization, newbuilding design, fleet management, safety, sales, and marine personnel management.
Providing our clients access to skilled ex-mariners with backgrounds in naval architecture, marine engineering and nautical science.


Cordell Beaumont source shipbrokers across Dry Cargo, Tankers, LNG, LPG, Containers, Chemicals and Sale and Purchase.

Passion for shipping

Our founding team have a rich history in shipbroking and vessel operations, giving us a unique candidate and client network within the maritime industry. This has helped us become a leading shipping recruitment agency.

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