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ğŸŽ§Maritime SoftwareHub Podcast Season 2 Now LiveğŸŽ™

Episode 10: Featuring Alex Caizergues CEO & Co-Founder at Syroco – The Role of CEO

Welcome to season 2 of Maritime SoftwareHub the People podcast, brought to you by Cordell Beaumont – the Digital Search & Recruitment specialists.

In this season opener, Daniel Duggin speaks with world record breaker, Alex Caizergues, CEO and Co-Founder of Syroco. A pioneering Climate Tech Startup for the Energy and Maritime space.

Alex is also a Kite Surfing world champion, with a real passion for creating solutions that have a positive impact on the planet.

We discuss:
– Alex’s world record-breaking achievements in kite surfing
– Syroco’s digital twin platform and key offerings
– Culture at Syroco
– Role of the CEO and how he likes to lead
– Team building traditions at Syroco
– Importance of face-to-face relationships

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