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­čÄžEpisode 8 Rory Proud: Co-Founder Maritime Data: Featured Role Head of Sales

In this episode of Maritime SoftwareHub, Callum speaks with former Lloyds List Intelligence Head of Sales and now Co-Founder of Maritime Data AI, Rory Proud.

­čöŽ Featured Role: Head of Sales

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They discuss:

  • The story behind the launch of Maritime Data
  • How Rory dropped out of uni to start his first tech business
  • What separates good sales professionals from the great
  • Managing underperformance in a team
  • Shift from working in a large corporation to a tech start-up
  • Creating your own luck/opportunities to climb the corporate ladder
  • Differences between running a sales team in the US vs the UK
  • Tips for hiring and qualifying star sales professionals
  • Head of Sales core duties and responsibilities

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