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🎧 Episode 7 Out Now! Maritime SoftwareHub – The People Podcast featuring Panteleimon Pantelis COO at Ulysses Systems – The Role of Chief Operating Officer

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In this fascinating episode of Maritime SoftwareHub, Daniel Duggin speaks with Panteleimon Pantelis the Chief Operating Officer at Ulysses Systems.

Starting at Ulysses 20+ years ago as hire number 2, Pantelis has helped shape a highly successful maritime software group with a global workforce and an international maritime client base.

🔦 Featured Role: Chief Operating Officer

They discuss:
– Building Ulysses to create generational wealth
– Pantelis’ background within maritime
– The use of cognitive science to blend psychology with software
– Panetlis’ role as COO
– Key Skills needed to be an effective COO
– How Ulysses’ flat management structure helps employee retention


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